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Update on Union Negotiations-11/18

Hi members, we went to the bargaining table at 40,Rector Str NY.NY. on the 18th of November as planned. The meeting started at exactly 9:15 am. All union leaders in our team were present including observing members.

Office of Labor relations headed by Mr. Levy presented what is called “illustration” instead of proposals. The Step pay plan we requested in our demands was granted for the first time in the history of Local 1182. But the step pay plan was based on 10% pattern the civilian contract most unions signed early this year. The “illustration” favored those who had invested in this job for few or more years.
In summary, a level one agent with 5years experience would see a boost on his yearly income likewise Level 2 agents. Simply put, a Level 1 agent with 8 or more years on this job will reach his maximum which more than what he’s making now, the same thing applies to Level II agents . In a nut shell you will receive a significant increase in your salary if you have or will invest time on this job. I will not put any number here until we get our final proposal. Any number you read or heard about is just “illustration” and it’s not actual or final number.
There’s possibility that the city is going to add a significant amount of money to our salary because it’s not a proposal yet.

Also this illustration doesn’t include our longevity which is a major concern to our members, in other words the city is going to add longevity to the above numbers. How much the city is going to add we don’t know yet.
We have been invited back to the bargaining table on Dec 14th 2015 for another meeting.
Also on Dec 14th, both Sanitation Enforcement and Traffic Enforcement will be bargaining together while both non financial aspect of the bargaining will be separately, because our non financial demands are different.

Finally, we noticed that, traffic agents has not been compensated for accident report we are writing in this “illustration ” and we have made the city aware of that. If we are not well compensated for gain sharing we may not allow NYPD to extend the so called pilot program.

The idea of going for arbitration at this time is not that realistic politically, the result may not come out in our favor because it may cause political uproar among other unions especially cops, if arbitration ruled in our favor, despite the fact that we have a compelling argument against the city. I made to understand that we cannot go to the State Arbitrator, we can only go to the city arbitration who were appointed by Bob Linn the head negotiator for the city. Both our lawyer Sal Albanese and our lobbyist Vincent Pitta are on top of this and in contact with city officials daily.

Please continue to have patience.

Sokunbi Olufemi

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  1. Sandra Castro

    This is Sandra Castro.
    SEA level II
    I am at Manhattan Zone.
    I am looking forward to your posting of meeting 12/14/15

    I would also like to request that you make members aware of this website. We currently interact on 1182 Facebook page.

  2. Deboure


    This is an sea I see there’s an contract agreement and once again I see anything on Sea’s.

    Does this mean we have a contract as well? It is very disturbing that I have to ask this question when we are a part of the union and pay dues!

  3. Chisholm

    This is very disturbing that SEA’s have NO STANDINGS with this Union yet our union dues are collected faithfully. Where is our contract??

  4. Verron Tonge

    This is frustrating that the TEA’s negotiations are completed And there’s no update of the status of the contract for SEA’s. What is going on? All I keep hearing that “we going to the table” “we going to the table”. Do our people even know how the table look? also SEA’s should be compared with Sanitation Police not no school safety officers or PCS. What are the figures $$$$$$$ in the step program. Here we go taking care of TEA’s issues and leave the SEA’s on the back burner Again. I thought the we was ONE but apparently not.

  5. SEA Thompson

    Lies lies and more lies show us the actual MOA or proof of what the city actually agreed to your going around saying how good the contract is than show it to us you have nothing because there is nothing and we see through you and your lies.We are gonna say NO to this phantom of a contract and NO to Cwa.

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