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Azizur Rhaman, 33, an at-large delegate from Manhattan, says he wants to “change the perspective” toward traffic enforcement agents, to get the public to see them as hard-working individuals out in the streets whether it’s “shining, raining, or snowing.” Born in Bangladesh, he came to the United States when he was 18, and served in the Army Corps of Engineers in Afghanistan. He became a TEA in 2009, and became active in Local 1182 because he “saw a lot of injustices happen” and decided “it was time for my contribution to fixing those problems to be there.” Married and the father of two children, Rhaman lives in the Bronx and is studying cybersecurity at John Jay College. He also wants to see educational opportunities for TEAs expanded, both college scholarships and training classes like the ones the Police Department gives in psychology—“to help agents better deal with the public on the street.”