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Letters to NY State Assembly and Senate

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  1. susan e aiken

    i susan e aiken peviously was a traffic enforcement agent from 1993- 2004
    i’m inquiring about my annuity fund
    it seems like no one can give me information on it
    i would truly appreciate if you would look into this matter
    waiting for your reply.


    Dear . Mr. Syed Rahim .President of CWA, local 1182.
    I am Retired since 1988 as a Traffic Enforcement Agent level II , on May 1984, unfortunately I loss my carrier, because of my back condition, I was hit by a taxi Cab, since that date I was concerning that why I can’t have any ID , As a former traffic Agent. I believed that all the former Traffic Agent that is retired for any reason we deserved to have same ID, AS THE OTHER CO-WORKERS ] in the pas two years I was requested to you on the phone, but you never follow up, I hope this time you can help us in benefits to all former workers with disability. you can reply to my email .

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