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Help to take care of our own! Michelle Leiba has dedicated 8+ years of service to the city of New York working everyday diligently to ensure the safety of the people of our great city! Leiba worked everyday with a smile upon her face, 7days a week 12+ hours a day.

On 07-11-2017 Michelle Leiba began her tour at 0500, in the field less then an hour, at 0630 Leiba was struck by a box truck as she attempted to perform her duties. Leiba had been struck and dragged by the truck before the operator fled the scene leaving Leiba with many injuries, including broken bones.

It’s been now a week since and she has not been able to stand or walk, and still at this time is hospitalized. While she has many challenges ahead, we ask that we help to ease her troubles. Leiba has always been a happy, helpful co-worker to be around, she has always put everyone before herself! Let’s be here for her, let’s be here for one another! Leiba has our everyday worries to worry about, she is a single mother, a sister, a daughter, we can take care of her so she can take care of herself and her lil girl!

Click on this link to donate: https://www.gofundme.com/taking-care-of-oursnyc