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CWA Local 1182 Vs LEEBA

CWA Local 1182 Vs LEEBA

Night and Day

Here is a comparison between LEEBA and CWA.


Dues · Average $27 per pay check · $50-$75 per pay check

· Can increase your dues anytime he wants to any amount

 Contract · Over a 10% for its members

· Step Plan

· Annuity Fund

· Gainsharing

· Signed two civilian contracts for DEP Police without members approval

· 45 hour work week

· Loss of 8 personal per year of annual leave each year

· Fired by SEA Gates Police Department for failure to secure a contract

· Failed to secure a contract for the guards at Sands Casino

Prescription Benefits · $3,500 per family, copays of $1-$3

·  If $3,500 is reached the fund will come back in to pay again after deduction is met



· You pay upfront for the first $1,500 each year for prescriptions!


· $2,500 Cap , No Family Coverage

· Copay $5 or $15

o Copay $10 $20 or $30 (Their website says benefits “Under Construction” for past three years)


Legal Services · Free legal services for criminal cases, divorce, house closings, credit repair, domestic violence, etc, Fagenson & Puglisi · None
Dental Benefit · Seledent $1500/member and for each dependant


· No copays


· $1000 for braces per child

· Delta Dental


· 10% 30% 50% copay


Vision/Optical/ Hearing aid


· $175-200 per member and each dependent · $100 vision

· Members pay upfront cost and does not get reimbursed right away (over 6 months)

Political Power (which gets us good contracts) · CWA has major political clout in NYS and NYC and over 600,000 members

· Member of NYC Labor Counsel

· Member of AFL-CIO with over 55 unions

· None in NYC. Leeba only has 400 members in the entire City of New York.
Union Hall ·  Yes · None. They have a PO Box in NYC and an empty storefront as their main office in the middle of Pennsylvania
Legislative Power · Yes · None
Union Democracy · Yes. CWA members can run for office, control their union · No regular elections. It appears the current President has appointed himself President for Life.
Lawsuit against Union · None · 30% of LEEBA members are currently suing their union over corruption allegations, and bad contracts.

· LEEBA’s attorney is also suing LEEBA.

· LEEBA President has filed for bankruptcy many times.

Meetings · Regular meetings · None.


LEEBA is a dues-collection business pretending to be a union. Vote CWA and Help Make Our Union Stronger!


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