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CWA Local 1182 Vs LEEBA

CWA Local 1182 Vs LEEBA

Night and Day

Here is a comparison between LEEBA and CWA.


Dues · Average $27 per pay check · $50-$75 per pay check

· Can increase your dues anytime he wants to any amount

 Contract · Over a 10% for its members

· Step Plan

· Annuity Fund

· Gainsharing

· Signed two civilian contracts for DEP Police without members approval

· 45 hour work week

· Loss of 8 personal per year of annual leave each year

· Fired by SEA Gates Police Department for failure to secure a contract

· Failed to secure a contract for the guards at Sands Casino

Prescription Benefits · $3,500 per family, copays of $1-$3

·  If $3,500 is reached the fund will come back in to pay again after deduction is met



· You pay upfront for the first $1,500 each year for prescriptions!


· $2,500 Cap , No Family Coverage

· Copay $5 or $15

o Copay $10 $20 or $30 (Their website says benefits “Under Construction” for past three years)


Legal Services · Free legal services for criminal cases, divorce, house closings, credit repair, domestic violence, etc, Fagenson & Puglisi · None
Dental Benefit · Seledent $1500/member and for each dependant


· No copays


· $1000 for braces per child

· Delta Dental


· 10% 30% 50% copay


Vision/Optical/ Hearing aid


· $175-200 per member and each dependent · $100 vision

· Members pay upfront cost and does not get reimbursed right away (over 6 months)

Political Power (which gets us good contracts) · CWA has major political clout in NYS and NYC and over 600,000 members

· Member of NYC Labor Counsel

· Member of AFL-CIO with over 55 unions

· None in NYC. Leeba only has 400 members in the entire City of New York.
Union Hall ·  Yes · None. They have a PO Box in NYC and an empty storefront as their main office in the middle of Pennsylvania
Legislative Power · Yes · None
Union Democracy · Yes. CWA members can run for office, control their union · No regular elections. It appears the current President has appointed himself President for Life.
Lawsuit against Union · None · 30% of LEEBA members are currently suing their union over corruption allegations, and bad contracts.

· LEEBA’s attorney is also suing LEEBA.

· LEEBA President has filed for bankruptcy many times.

Meetings · Regular meetings · None.


LEEBA is a dues-collection business pretending to be a union. Vote CWA and Help Make Our Union Stronger!


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    How can NYPD School Safety join your union?

  2. Orville Schmitt

    This is all bullshit. This reminds of the days when Bill Jenkins was President back in the 80s. CWA 1182 & Teamsters Local 237 do not represent anyone in law enforcement. Let me ask this question what has 237 & 1182 done to get officers uniform status, arms, centralization, residency rules like NYPD, and the hiring of Caucasian and Asian Americans to the ranks? Nothing, and nothing will be done now and in the future.

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