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Executive boardWelcome to the website of C.W.A. local 1182 representing New York City Uniform Traffic Enforcement Agents. This website was created in an effort to better serve our members and to inform the public about the necessary services that we perform for the citizens of this great city. To our members we say, we hope this will allow us to serve you better. In that effort, we want you to tell us what you think and offer suggestions on how we can better represent you.

Local 1182 is here to serve and we do that in a variance of ways. First and foremost, we are advisers to the membership. And in keeping with that, we interpret the contract for the members. We pride ourselves in being the best day to day representing local in the city

You can download an application for the 2017 CWA College Scholarship Program.  Click this link for full information on eligibility and the application.


Read President Rahim’s  letter Comparing Local 1182 to LEEBA

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Support TEA Leiba who was injured in the line of duty

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Update on the Gain Sharing program

As part of our collective bargaining agreement with the City of New York we won a discussion on gain sharing. I am happy to report that we have had our first meeting with the Office of Labor Relations. It was a general session on the parameters of gain sharing. We are in the process of scheduling additional meetings to focus on specifics….Click the button to read the full story

Letter from President Rahim

President Syed Rahim has a message for members of Local 1182

The Executive Board